Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Battlefield internet

Belarusian civil society active despite censorship
Zelyonaya Set’s headquarters are no different from any other non governmental organisation (NGO) office in Central and Eastern Europe. Six desks crammed with leaflets; a simple bookshelf on the side, packed with titles in English, Russian and Belarusian, and the inevitable knot of network cables on the floor. Still, something is a little different here: a strange platform, like a podium, is the stage on which two women exchange brief observations. Facing each other, each behind their respective desk, staring into their flat desktop screens, Irina Sukhy and Tatyana Novikova seem to be concentrated on a challenging project.

“Indeed,” explains Irina (photo courtesy of Coalition Clean Baltic), “we are setting up an online network for environmental NGOs in Belarus.” The purpose is quite straightforward: to help NGOs in this country of 10 million to join efforts and network, so that they can influence and control decision making.

Read full story at APC News.

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