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Tensions between environmental media coverage and established norms of journalism have been the subject of my research and interest for over a decade which I spent as a reporter, editor, producer, trainer and manager of journalism support projects. Throughout my work I collected impressions, observations and thoughts about the ways environmental journalism happens in Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. Very few of these could actually find place in the news, stories and project reports I have produced, so they kept piling up giving me the sense of a burden - too heavy to carry along and too precious to just recycle. As a first step to resolving this problem I arrived to Milton Keynes, UK in October 2008 for a PhD with the Geography department of the Open University. Second, I have started this website, to share, store and archive the picture of environment journalism that I have and will come across. I see personal activism and new media as important details of this picture.
The cover image shows Russian journalist Vadym Kantor photographing melting glaciers of Mount Elbrus at a climate change media training in 2007.

I did some homework and checked the existing Georeporters out there. I came across a seriously looking travel website in Italy, several news hits related to Geo magazine staff, and one anonymous photo blog. None of these overlaps particularly with my human geography take of environmental journalism.

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