Thursday, 18 July 2013

Sofia rallies for transparency and decency in politics

Photo courtesy of Petya Raykovska / Dnevnik
Sofia saw a truly inspirational moment on July 18, 2013, as a pro-democracy, pro-European, pro-human rights march stopped at the monument of Vassil Levski, the visionary hero who integrated the same ideals in Bulgaria's 19th century national liberation movement. It was his birthday, and hope for making Bulgaria the 'transparent and holy republic' of his dreams seemed closer than ever to hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians who have rallied for over a month demanding the resignation of the incumbent Prime Minister, popularly nicknamed Oligarchsky. Sofia has seen a hot summer, with marches taking place every evening since June 14, 2013, gathering more and more people in the streets of the capital and other Bulgarian cities. The government they seek to remove is seen as a being dominated by oligarchic interests, namely those of Bulgaria's Corporate Trade Bank, which has gained might over the past years, purchasing mass media outlets and business companies, including former state telecom and tobacco production monopolies VivaCom and Bulgartabac, with the help of Bulgarian state-owned company deposits and Russian capitals. The cabinet was formed after the preliminary elections in May 2013 with the backing of Bulgaria's Socialist Party, Turkish minority's Rights and Freedoms Movement, and popular nationalist  Attack, neither of which appeared to truly care of anything else but the money and the power. And as the former (Centre-Right) government of Gerb had not done much better before being toppled by an earlier wave of public protest back in February 2013, it seems that new politics is needed in Bulgaria: done by people and parties who stand for their ideologies, rather than profits, and have nothing to do with the former State Security.

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